About us

Sports life in Tiszaújváros has always been of decisive importance. The current leadership of the city and the industrial companies settled here have been trying to create the material and personal conditions that are in line with the age. The Sports Center, which was transferred in 1998, became the "paradise of athletes" in a short time, as its multi-faceted services offer ideal conditions for more than 20 sports.
The complex primarily serves the diverse sports life of Tiszaújváros: it offers an all-encompassing opportunity for the successful preparations and competitions of athletes in the local associations, but also an excellent venue for school and leisure sports events of schools. We welcome the representatives of both domestic and foreign amateur and professional teams, providing them with complex services.
In the years since the transfer, we have hosted more than 200 adults and substitutes for a host of matches and tournaments, and there are countless domestic and international team training teams in a wide variety of sports. Furthermore, our facilities provide a great opportunity for non-sporting events (cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, corporate family days, etc.).